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The Asia Institute Partners with CulturaGo to Provide Students with Unique Pre-Departure Resources

The Asia Institute is excited to announce it has partnered with CulturaGo, an innovative cultural information platform designed to support students pre-departure. CulturaGo has built online modules to help introduce cultures/countries. The format is engaging and the information is relevant, interesting, and valuable. You may have seen education abroad professionals mentioning on LinkedIn that they are using CulturaGo this spring for their pre-departure orientations. The Asia Institute is able to share free logins with a limited number of instututional partners for use with/by students to access either the modules on Japan or South Korea.

Some ways that you could utilize these include sharing the logins with students preparing to go abroad to Japan or South Korea, sharing a login with a language faculty member and/or students studying the target languages or utilizing a login in your offices’ marketing and recruitment as a way to generate interest in Japan or South Korea. To view CulturaGo’s introduction video, click the link below.

If you and your students can benefit from these initial log ins at no cost, please contact Ann Hubbard at The Asia Institute