Academic Continuity Program


As a leading host partner for strategic institutional relationships in East and Southeast Asia, The Asia Institute assists U.S. universities, colleges and high schools to deliver turn-key academic host campus programs for international students who are unable to fulfill their academic requirements on their home campuses. These unique programs, hosted at prestigious secondary and higher education institutions in Asia, offer students the opportunity to remain “on track” with your institution by enrolling in online or in-person classes with the full academic and logistical support of The Asia Institute’s experienced staff.

Academic Support Services

With the support of The Asia Institute, your institution can now deliver a rewarding and safe on-campus experience for your international students while they take classes in their home country. Academic support services include:

Academic Offerings

Students who enroll in our Academic Continuity Program select their courses from an extensive, English-language catalogue across various academic disciplines. These courses are led by esteemed faculty from 50+ countries/regions and teach with an emphasis on critical thinking and independent learning. Below is a sample of some of the most popular accredited courses:

Program Benefits


Ability to enroll and retain international students at regular tuition, while potentially reducing costs for course delivery.

On Campus Experience

Offer an on-campus experience for students, so that students can interact with other classmates and faculty, and have a genuine campus experience.


Offer a larger number of course options to students, whereby students can take both courses on campus and your institutions’ courses online.

Global Connectivity

Integrate your institutions’ community in China, allowing your students to connect with Asia-based alumni for professional development and career advancement.

Foundation for Global Learning

Build a foundation for future global learning programs with the potential to offer all students a global learning option in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

The Asia Institute currently works with Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, and is exploring the expansion of the Academic Continuity Program with other partner institutions. Can The Asia Institute ensure all courses are accredited or certified?
Yes. For all academic continuity programs The Asia Institute has a full-time onsite Program Director, in addition to support staff.
Yes. The Asia Institute can arrange flexible payment terms to meet the needs of your institution. The Asia Institute can establish a payment model where tuition is billed directly to the institution, and room and board is billed to students directly.
The Asia Institute is receptive to the support and needs of your program, so we encourage you to discuss your specific requirements with our dedicated team. For example, The Asia Institute can establish career service workshops, group excursions and team building, or identify internship opportunities upon request.

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