Return to Asia Scholarship Program


Scholarship Overview​

Due to the global disruptions caused by COVID-19, study abroad programs have been cancelled or postponed for thousands of students. To encourage the return of interest in study abroad in 2021 and 2022, The Asia Institute will award $125,000 in scholarship funding to students on faculty-led short-term programs in Asia, prioritizing for 2020 programs that were cancelled.

Eligibility and Participation

  • Eligibility will be prioritized for faculty-led short-term programs that were originally scheduled to run in 2020 and were cancelled. Proof of the program development, such as an itinerary or a program website, should be provided.
  • For faculty-led short-term programs requesting scholarship funding, a detailed request for proposal should be submitted to The Asia Institute for review. For more information, please click here. Upon receipt, a proposal for the 2021 or 2022 faculty-led short-term program will be developed and returned to the university or college.
  • Request for proposal submission can either be provided by a global program’s director, study abroad administrator or a professor. Preferably request for proposals from faculty will be submitted jointly with the global program’s office.
  • Request for proposal submissions will be accepted for any undergraduate, graduate or Executive short-term programs originally scheduled for Asia in 2020.
  • The Asia Institute will not respond to individual student requests for scholarships, as the Return to Asia Scholarship Program is prioritizing faculty-led short-term programs.