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Our Approach​

Students around the world are looking for meaningful learning opportunities, in addition to experiences that will enhance their employability. Through The Asia Institute’s customized internship and career trek programs, young professionals have the unique opportunity to build their global skillsets, approach new challenges and apply their academic knowledge, all while working with business and HR professionals at some of Asia’s most cutting-edge companies.

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On-Site Internship Programs

The Asia Institute’s Internship Programs are career advancement and experiential learning programs, specifically designed for educational institutions to meet the needs of their curriculum integration. Customized international internship placements are currently offered by The Asia Institute for varying lengths between six to twelve weeks. During each internship program, students will receive an in-depth introduction and orientation to the destination, followed by a guaranteed internship with a dedicated intern manager and project scope, along with additional mentoring and even alumni engagement.

What We Offer

Remote Internship Programs

The Asia Institute offers customized, remote global internship opportunities at some of Asia’s most cutting-edge companies. Online internships offer students the ability to build their global skillsets, approach new challenges, and apply their academic knowledge, all while working with business and HR professionals at multinational or local companies and organizations.

Social Impact Projects

The Asia Institute has designed team-oriented, project-based internships in Asia with leading organizations that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Over the course of an 8-week project, students will engage with a diversity of peers to develop their intercultural and critical-thinking competencies while addressing some of the world’s most important challenges.

Internship Placement Procedures

Internship placements are arranged based on two key criteria provided by students; academic studies and industry focus. From these criteria, the Asia Institute will identify local or multinational organizations and/or NGOs that align with academic and career interests of students.

For new internship programs, the process is easy! Below is the step by step process. To learn more or discuss your ideas, fill out the Request for Proposal.


Fill out a Request for Proposal:

By defining your short-term internship program requirements, our team will help to develop one or more proposals for review.


Confirm The Asia Institute will host your Internship Program:

After confirming your program with us, we will begin to coordinate logistics for your students’ cultural and work experience.


Student Interview Process:

Students will interview with The Asia Institute to evaluate academic/professional interests and outline internship goals. Then, The Asia Institute will pair Students with potential internship hosts for subsequent interviews until a match is confirmed by the host company.


Pre-Departure Support:

Students will receive full support from The Asia Institute in preparation for their internship program. This includes logistical support such as visa processing, international flight bookings and accommodation setup as well as comprehensive pre-departure safety orientation.


Depart for Asia:

As your host partner, The Asia Institute we will do everything we can to ensure your students are accommodated throughout the internship program. This includes 24/7 support, coordination of professional and alumni speakers, company visits and  much more.


Industry Sectors




Corporate Partners

The Asia Institute has placed interns at companies across various sectors, including:

Career Trek

Career Trek Programs

The Asia Institute’s Career Trek Programs are short-term opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing their professional goals in Asia. With a specific focus on meeting HR teams and employers, students will gain unique insights related to employment, cultural integration and industry trends. Each Career Trek Program is designed around a specific professional segment, so that panels, meetings and corporate visits are tailored to the professional interests of students. Uniquely, The Asia Institute is also able to involve university and college alumni from our vast regional network, further expanding the opportunities available to students.

Support for Career Treks

The Asia Institute can support your Career Trek Program with the below components of your customized program:

  • Flexible in-country itinerary development
  • All on-the-ground logistics support
  • Panel discussions on employment, culture and industry insights
  • Meetings with HR professionals from specified industries
  • Meetings with university alumni
  • Networking and resume submission opportunities